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Groundbreaking Book by Leroy Slanzi Unveiled “Emotional Schools, The Looming Mental Health Crisis & A Pathway Through it

Groundbreaking Book by Leroy Slanzi Unveiled “Emotional Schools, The Looming Mental Health Crisis & A Pathway Through it

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Leroy Slanzi’s latest book, “Emotional Schools, The Looming Mental Health Crisis and A Pathway Through It,” offers a current and perceptive look into the mental health of kids in a time of fast social changes and technology breakthroughs. Deeply exploring how contemporary demands and personal difficulties affect student conduct and mental health is what you will find in this engaging book.

Slanzi’s book provides an in-depth examination of important topics such as how trauma, financial difficulties, excessive screen time, and emotional dysregulation affect kids. Slanzi emphasizes the critical function that teachers perform and the need for a caring educational environment that fosters the intellectual, social, and emotional development of pupils.

“Emotional Schools” is a road map for resolving the present situation in our schools as well as a an in depth diagnosis of the system. This book provides teachers a practical understanding of the science of emotions and offers immersive strategies to assist students in becoming more self-aware and successful in controlling their emotions so they can do well in school. These abilities are critical for overcoming obstacles in adulthood and preserving emotional balance, as Slanzi emphasizes, especially for kids who have had negative childhood experiences.

Leroy Slanzi’s work is a wake-up call to parents, legislators, and educators, stressing the necessity of a comprehensive approach to student well-being. Students will flourish emotionally and intellectually if we provide a supportive, structured and organized learning environment that emphasizes emotional wellness at its core.

About the Author

Leroy has over 25 years of expertise teaching in a classroom and leading schools while attending to the intricate emotional needs of his students and families. Leroy Slanzi is a respected educator and mental health champion. His goal is to develop educational settings that are healthier and more encouraging so that every student can reach their greatest potential and teachers fall back in love with teaching.

Grab your copy today from Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Everand.

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