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Crypto is Crashing But Wall Street Memes Coin Raises $25m – Announces Staking and CEX Listings Date

Crypto is Crashing But Wall Street Memes Coin Raises m – Announces Staking and CEX Listings Date

NEW YORK, Aug. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Crypto is crashing but the Wall Street Memes coin has raised $25 million in its presale and today officially announces its new staking service and top-tier exchange listings coming on September 27th.

Meme stocks-inspired community-powered coin Wall Street Memes is now only around $900k away from entering the last stage of its 30-stage tiered presale. The token’s price rises from $0.033 to $0.0337 in the final 30th stage, as the presale accelerates toward sellout when it reaches its end goal of $30 million.

There really is no time to lose to get in on the ground floor of what is shaping up to be the biggest presale of the year – Wall Street Memes has raised more than $350,000 in the past 12 hours as the raise run rate quickens, with only 40 days to go until CEX listings.

The Wall Street Memes staking service is growing fast. At lightning speed, 7% of the presale allocation of 1,000,000,000 tokens (50% of the total token supply) has been deposited.

Buy $WSM now, and you can start earning up to 283% APY on your staked coins

Stakers can currently earn an annual percentage yield of 283%, according to the staking dashboard.

At the time of writing, the staking pool totals 70,534,061 tokens so far, and that figure could quickly rise to a majority of the presale supply as holders take the opportunity to lock in yield.

Although the APY will drift lower as more tokens are deposited into the smart contract, it will likely still be in triple or high double figures by the time of launch, adding further incentive for prospective buyers of $WSM.

Staking was only launched on Thursday, but eagle-eyed community members had spotted it was available two days earlier as part of a stealth rollout.

The significance of staking cannot be overstated. Because it provides a passive income stream, it will encourage long-term holding of the coin.

Staking will help to make Wall Street Memes crashproof

At the same time, as far as the capital tied up in the coins is concerned, it provides price stability by bearing down on any selling pressure when $WSM launches on major centralized exchanges (CEXs) in September.

This is not based on idle speculation but instead gleaned from the actual market experience of a new type of ‘version 2’ coin that puts staking front and center in a similar way to $WSM – btc20.com.

BTC20 is a ‘version 2’ coin that launched straight to DEX with a maximum 21 million token supply (just like bitcoin) and stake-to-earn model that pays out on a schedule that replicates BTC block production since 2011.

BTC20 is trading up 80% since its launch just over a week ago and has been subject to no downward lurch in the present crypto crash.

Hot on the heels of the staking rollout, Wall Street Memes’ reveal today that CEX listings are already confirmed at major trading venues is welcome news for $WSM token holders and is adding to FOMO.

Wall Street Memes boasts a 1 million-strong community of savvy retail investors

Boasting a social community of more than one million savvy retail investors, Wall Street Memes emerged as a champion of retail investors in the meme stocks movement in 2021.

Wall Street Memes coin is one of the largest fundraises in the crypto market this year and is the brainchild of the team behind the one million-strong social Wall Street Memes community. It is one of the internet’s most influential retail investing communities.

For instance, its Wall Street Bets Instagram account alone has 534k followers and another 260,000 on X (formerly Twitter).

It also has over 100k followers across its two other Instagram channels, wallstgonewild and wallstbullsnft.

And not to be left out, in May this year, the team launched the Wall Street Bulls Ordinals NFT Collection.

The founders of WSM know a thing or two about NFTs. They famously made $2.5 million when, in 2021, they minted the highly successful Wall Street Bulls 10,000-piece NFT collection, which sold out in 32 minutes.

With that sort of proven crypto execution power, the WSM crew is going to take the crypto meme coin sector by storm when its lists and more products start to launch under the Wall Street Memes brand, driving up the utility value of the stake-to-earn community coin.

Alongside the existing brand power of Wall Street Memes among retail investors, the crypto project has another thing going for it that competing meme coins lack – verifiable legitimacy.

When the likes of multi-billionaire Elon Musk interact with your Twitter feed (now rebranded as X), you know you have arrived. That’s exactly the enviable situation that $WSM is in, as can be seen by just a couple of Musk’s posts on the @wallstmemes Twitter feed:



When it comes to meme coin influencers, they don’t come any bigger than Elon Musk, which is yet another reason why the Wall Street Memes token presale is already such a staggering success.

Mystery product in the works at Wall Street Memes, according to sources

As it closes on its $30 million hard cap target, Wall Street Memes has earmarked 30% of its tokens for community rewards.

But its plans don’t stop at staking. According to those with knowledge of the matter, the team is planning a major product release before or soon after the coin lists.

The aim of the Wall Street Memes coin is nothing short of monetizing the investor-focused social movement that, at its height, saw bands of retail stock buyers coordinating their efforts on the Reddit sub WallStreetBets, taking on Wall Street and winning.

Now Wall Street Memes is bringing the same swashbuckling spirit to crypto. Although the raison d’etre of crypto was about supporting the little guy against institutional power, in some respects, it has strayed from that goal.

Wall Street Memes wants to get back to basics and provide a way for those who supported the ideals behind the speculative frenzy that undoubtedly underpinned the meme stocks frenzy to be winners in crypto.


Wall Street Memes – fair presale that’s ideal for sophisticated risk management

Wall Street Memes is not just the biggest presale of the year, it is also one of the fairest. 

Fifty percent of the token supply of 2 billion is available in the presale: 30% as community rewards, 10% for CEX liquidity, and 10% for DEX liquidity.

And with the addition of the staking utility to $WSM, token holders are being rewarded for their early commitment to the project.

If it hasn’t already, Wall Street Memes will become even more of a magnet for the funds of switched-on sophisticated crypto investors looking to diversify their portfolio and control capital risk – a passive income vehicle like Wall Street Memes is ideal for meeting those investment goals.

Wall Street Memes is the best crypto to buy today, says a growing roster of crypto analysts

The brand allure of Wall Street Memes and the ongoing success of its presale means that it is already a top coin before it even hits the spot market.

Crypto experts are lining up with a bullish forecast for Wall Street Memes coin.

YouTube cryptocurrency analyst Crypto Faro with 58k subscribers, dubs $WSM a Shiba Inu coin killer, although some might say that the SHIB team’s disastrous rollout of its Shibarium Layer 2 mainnet is achieving that death wish all by itself.

Next up is YouTuber Joe Parys, with 380k subscribers. He tells his viewers that Wall Street Memes coin could be a 100x crypto.

Another analyst, Michael Wrubel, this time with 310k subscribers on YouTube, is putting his money where his mouth is and has invested in $WSM.

And avid crypto presale watcher and expert analyst Jacob Crypto Bury reckons Wall Street Memes could be the best crypto to buy today, with only six weeks to go before it lists on top exchanges.

For other crypto financial influencers, $WSM could be the next Pepe coin because of its ability to monetize the meme stock movement.

And it’s not just in the video world that Wall Street Memes has been making waves. Check out the coverage on Coingape, Cryptopotato, Analytics Insight, U.Today, Outlook India, Finbold, and The Coin Republic.

Given the marketing strength being demonstrated by Wall Street Memes at this relatively early stage in its roadmap and the start of utility-enhancing product rollouts, expect the remaining tokens to be snapped up in short order.

Where to Get Your Wall Street Memes Token – And Enter the $50k Airdrop

$WSM can be bought on the Ethereum blockchain and BNB Smart Chain using ETH, BNB, or USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20). If you wish to stake now, then you must buy with ETH.

You can also buy with a credit or debit card. Whichever route you choose to buy, be sure to do your own research and make sure to only invest what you can afford to lose.

All that prospective buyers need to do is connect their funded crypto wallet on the wallstmemes.com website to make their purchases.

After investing, you can join the Wall Street Memes competition, where five lucky degens can benefit from a $50,000 $WSM airdrop.

If you are a $WSM token holder, then you can click on the button at the Wall Street Memes Linktree page to complete the steps to qualify for the airdrop.

Wall Street Memes, the king of stonks, is quickly becoming the king of a new category of meme coin with solid utility value. It is not too late to get on board the most-talked-about presale opportunity in crypto.

Buy Wall Street Memes Here

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