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TernX Brings Innovation to the Global Stage on Europe ByDesign

TernX Brings Innovation to the Global Stage on Europe ByDesign

Award-winning luggage stroller redefines family travel and features on CBS prime time.

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.”

— Walt Disney

AUSTRALIA, January 22, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The TernX Carry On luggage stroller, a trailblazing travel gear innovation, has emerged as a standout feature on Europe ByDesign, the home to a global collection of primetime television shows that explore design, dedicated to celebrating cutting-edge creations from across the continent.

Founders Tack & Hoe Ping expressed their pride and excitement, stating, “At TernX, innovation fuels our passion, and being showcased on Europe ByDesign is an incredible honor. This acknowledgment reinforces our dedication to push the boundaries of innovation.”

The TernX Carry On has been carefully selected as one of just two spotlight designs for the entire season. Tack & Hoe Ping added, “We’re excited that our revolutionary design will be presented to the world, highlighting its unparalleled innovation in modern family travel gear.”

Envisioned as a seamless fusion of stroller and suitcase functionalities, the TernX Carry On is designed to help transform the way parents navigate their journeys. Crafted with precision from aerospace aluminum and recycled German polycarbonate, the TernX Carry On goes beyond being just luggage or a stroller – it is a piece of mind when traveling with kids.

With a capacity to accommodate children up to 48.5 lbs (22 kg), the TernX Carry On grows effortlessly with your family. Its thoughtfully designed compartments and storage pockets ensure that every essential item remains easily accessible, providing a stress-free and seamless travel experience for families on the go.

Led by a mom & dad duo who experienced the challenges of family travel, the award-winning luggage stroller is a product of personal experiences turned innovative solutions. TernX has carved an impressive path, securing numerous esteemed awards and firmly establishing itself as a pioneer in family friendly travel gear. The TernX Carry On, celebrated for its ground-breaking design and unwavering commitment to advancing family travel, has been honored with esteemed awards, including TIME Magazine’s Best Invention, Good Design Award, the German Design Award, the Red Dot Award, and Pause Awards. It has also been tested and certified by Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA).

The TernX Carry On’s feature on Europe ByDesign underscores the teams dedication to pushing travel gear advancement to new heights and a stamp that further solidifies its position as an industry pioneer. “As our product takes center stage on Europe ByDesign, we are more committed than ever to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in to help make traveling with kids easier. Our goal is to provide families with not just convenience but an elevated experience in their journeys,” emphasized Tack & Hoe Ping.

For more information about the TernX Carry On, please visit https://ternx.com/

Victoria Porter
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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/681540671/ternx-brings-innovation-to-the-global-stage-on-europe-bydesign

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