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‘Speaking for the Earth’ The Official Book of the First Earth Day Written by John Meier

Speaking for the Earth

John Meier Headshot

John Meier

John Meier in 1970 autographing a copy of Speaking for the Earth for Thomas E. Murray Jr., whose father was the Commissioner of the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

John Meier (left) in 1970 autographing a copy of “Speaking for the Earth” for Thomas E. Murray Jr., whose father was the Commissioner of the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC)

Earth Day is April 22 and is Celebrated by Over 193 Countries and 1 Billion People Worldwide

Meier’s book remains a powerful (and tragically timeless) call to action for citizen conservations to make their voices heard.”

— Publishers Weekly BookLife Review

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Speaking for the Earth” is the official book of the first Earth Day, written by John Meier in 1970.

An Audiobook, Book Trailer, and Website have now been released for the bestselling book, which continues to be published for the Anniversaries of Earth Day as Meier found it of the utmost importance for the environmental movement today to look back and see what has and hasn’t been done with environmental issues that Meier brought up in 1970 for the first Earth Day, including many issues that are just now getting the recognition they deserve such as the warming of the earth, which the book deals with well before the word global warming was coined, safety in mines which recently has been headline news, dealing with wastes that could be recycled, even suggesting the use of electric cars which only now has finally begun to be implemented.

Many of the hottest news topics today are around the environment, and having a look back over 50 years shows how many of the “new” environmental solutions that governments have been proposing aren’t actually new and that many of the problems had been brought up many years ago with still little to nothing having been done about them.

“Speaking for the Earth” is “A historical document that remains a powerful call to action” (Kirkus Reviews), “Enlightening” (IndieReader), and “A testament to how far we have and haven’t come” (Publishers Weekly BookLife Review).

The cover of the book remains the same as its 1970 release, which is the “Earthrise” photograph that is regarded as the most influential environmental picture ever taken and credited with birthing the environmental movement. It was taken during the Apollo 8 mission, which was the first crewed voyage to leave low Earth orbit and the first human spaceflight to orbit the Moon, on December 24, 1968.

Former United States Senate Candidate John Meier was one of the first individuals to bring international attention to environmental issues and was one of the world’s foremost environmentalists at the time of writing “Speaking for the Earth”. Meier received notable Awards from Countries for his work related to the Environment and he said “The hope for an infinitely friendly environment did not take into account that man has been polluting the earth day after day for decades, threatening his very existence on this planet”.

Meier’s biggest environmental battle was with the fight for worldwide nuclear disarmament. Meier became a Director of the anti-nuclear activist group “Fund For Survival” whose famous members included Steve Allen and actor Robert Ryan. Seven years later, when the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) started detonating nuclear bombs in Nevada as part of their nuclear testing, spreading radiation to countless people who lived in the radiation zone, including the world’s wealthiest person Howard Hughes, Hughes joined Meier in fighting the AEC for four years at the highest levels, with Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey convincing President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson to commission a presidential panel to study Meier’s data on the AEC and nuclear testing. Meier was a Special Advisor on Environment Affairs to United States Senator Mike Gravel, who credited Meier with preventing the spread of nuclear power within the United States.

Meier had also consulted other countries on nuclear testing and he served on President of the United States Richard Nixon’s Task Force on Resources and Environment, was a Special Advisor to Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt on Environment and Data Processing Studies, was a Trustee of Nevada Essential Environmental Development Surveys Foundation, Advisor to the Inter-Agency Water Pollution Control Task, Advisor to the Rocky Mountain Center on Environment, and was the Founder and President of the Nevada Environmental Foundation.

The award-winning International #1 Bestselling Political Thriller “Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes” details how John Meier fought the AEC with Howard Hughes to prevent the spread of nuclear radiation from harming mankind and the environment.





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