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Simone Fortier Teams Up with SuccessBooks® and Lisa Nichols to Co-Author Inspirational Book, ‘Rise Up!’

Simone Fortier

SCOTTSDALE, CA, USA, April 3, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — SuccessBooks® proudly announces an exciting collaboration with Simone Fortier as she embarks on a journey to co-author the anticipated book, Rise Up!, alongside a remarkable team of authors, including the esteemed Lisa Nichols.

Rise Up! is certain to kindle a flame within readers, inspiring them with tales of bravery and resolute determination. The eagerly anticipated release of this transformative book is set for the Summer of 2024.

Simone Fortier stands as a trailblazer in healing and transformation, pioneering innovative methods to foster lasting change. With a mission focused on guiding individuals through the unseen challenges of trauma, concussion symptoms, mTBI, ADHD, and unresolved pain, Simone emerges as a beacon of hope for those seeking an optimal, pain-free existence.

As an International Trainer, Concussion Teacher, and ADHD Consultant, Simone’s expertise transcends conventional therapy, offering groundbreaking approaches that resonate globally. Her role as a Fascia Brain Treatment and Course Creator has garnered international acclaim, with professionals and elite athletes alike praising her transformative results.

The Fascia Training Institute, a testament to Simone’s visionary spirit, offers revolutionary therapy in Brain Nutrition, Concussion Treatments, and Fascia Treatment and Training (SFT), providing a lifeline to individuals grappling with chronic pain and neurological distress.

Simone’s journey, spanning over three decades of experience in business, training, and treatment, is marked by relentless innovation and a commitment to excellence. Her intuitive approach in therapy sessions targets the core of her clients’ suffering, weaving a tapestry of relief and recovery.

Beyond her therapeutic prowess, Simone is a celebrated author, with works like “How to Beat Brain Burps” and “How to Heel Plantar Fasciitis” offering invaluable resources for brain, business, and body support. Her forthcoming titles, including “How to Sell Like a Cat” and “Concussion Recovery – A Guide to Getting Your Brain Back”, promise to enrich readers’ lives further.

Simone’s holistic approach to wellness extends to her online course, “Younger by Tonight”, which blends beauty with brain health, revolutionizing self-care practices. As a Master Brain Health and Wellness Coach, Simone empowers her clients through knowledge, blending Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), hypnotherapy, and neuroscience to reshape lives.

Simone Fortier is more than a therapist, author, trainer, or coach; she is a visionary committed to unlocking human potential. In a world often mired in pain and confusion, Simone stands as a guiding voice, offering a path forward defined by limitless possibilities.

SuccessBooks® is honored to welcome Simone Fortier as a co-author for Rise Up! and eagerly anticipates the invaluable contributions she will bring to this transformative book. Stay tuned for Rise Up! and prepare to be inspired!

About SuccessBooks®:
SuccessBooks® is a pioneering platform dedicated to curating and publishing literary works that inspire, empower, and uplift readers worldwide. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, SuccessBooks® aims to catalyze positive change and foster personal and professional growth through the power of storytelling.

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/700944733/simone-fortier-teams-up-with-successbooks-and-lisa-nichols-to-co-author-inspirational-book-rise-up

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