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Ready to Laugh? DEFROSTED, A Seinfeld Parody Comic and Animated Short Film, Debuts on Kickstarter

Ready to Laugh? DEFROSTED, A Seinfeld Parody Comic and Animated Short Film, Debuts on Kickstarter

Defrosted Cover Art

The world feels more stressful than ever! So I created Defrosted, where you can spend some quality time and laugh with, what feels like long, lost friends!

Reminds me of the days when there was a MAD Magazine to enjoy every month-and I kinda miss that. Fun parody art that takes you back into Jerry’s world for a nostalgic fix or two.”

— Bill Maus, “The King of Parody Comic Books”

DELRAY BEACH, FL, UNITED STATES, June 5, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Introducing “DEFROSTED #1: A Del Boca Visit-A! Story and Seinfeld Parody” – The Comic Book and Short Animated Film Comedy Event of the Summer. Live on Kickstarter for a limited time, June 2024. Life is more stressful than ever, so why not relax with what feels like, long, lost friends!

Paul Rashid, psychiatrist and author, is thrilled to announce the launch of “DEFROSTED #1: A Del Boca Visit-A! Story and Seinfeld Parody” on Kickstarter. This giant-sized, 48-page inaugural edition is now available for order in both digital PDF and Animated Motion Comic and in physical printed comic book formats, with a variety of collectible covers. Can’t decide which one to get? The EVERYTHING BUNDLE has you covered!

About DEFROSTED: “DEFROSTED” is a hilarious and nostalgic parody that imagines what happens when New Yorkers thaw out in sunny Florida. Inspired by the timeless humor of Seinfeld, this comic book and short animated film offers a fresh take reminiscent of the classic parodies by MAD Magazine. Meet the Characters: The comic introduces the archetypal characters Garry, Giorgio, Irene, and K2, inspired by the beloved personas of Seinfeld and reimagined in a sun-soaked Floridian setting.

The Inspiration Behind DEFROSTED, Creator Paul Rashid, a psychiatrist by profession, recognizes the profound impact of humor on mental and physical well-being. “Humor has been extensively studied and shown to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression while boosting our immune system,” says Dr. Rashid. “It feels like life is more stressful than ever. DEFROSTED provides readers with much needed relaxing experience and a safe psychological place to spend time with characters that feel like long-lost friends.”

A Passion for Humor: A lifelong fan of television and movies, Paul often imitated Jim Carrey and adopted the persona of Kramer during high school, earning that nickname. This deep connection to Seinfeld sparked the creation of “DEFROSTED.” In January 2022, the first issue’s script was completed in just three days, capturing the spirit of Seinfeld with a fresh twist. Just for fun, Dr. Paul shares a video he make in 2006 where he acts like Kramer, it can be viewed on the Kickstarted website.

Unique Elements: The comic book’s name, “DEFROSTED,” is a playful parody of both “Unfrosted” and “Del Boca Vista,” the fictional Florida retirement community from Seinfeld. Living in Delray Beach, just north of Boca Raton, Paul found the title personally resonant. Dr. Paul was having so much creating the comic book, that he expanded the story and created the short-animated film, Serenity Ahora!

Behind the Scenes: Originally a 23-page story, “DEFROSTED” expanded into a 48-page comic, including additional stories “Serenity Ahora” and “Anxiety-N-2-Artz.” The immersive experience begins with a welcoming cover, lyrical elements to evoke a sitcom’s musical theme, and a farewell on the inside back cover. With the added bonus of turning the comic book short Serenity Ahora! Into an animated short film. Join the Movement: “Anxiety-N-2-Artz” is a movement to encourage channeling anxiety into creative works.

The Creative Team:

– Paul Rashid MD – Creator and Writer of “DEFROSTED,” author of “Recovery Revolution,” and creator of the documentary “The Comic Book Collector: A Journey of Letting Go.”

– Miguel Galindo – The talented artist with over 10 years of experience, also a political cartoonist and recipient of the 2023 National Journalist Award for Humor.

Support DEFROSTED on Kickstarter: Don’t miss out on owning a collectable piece of nostalgic humor. Visit the Kickstarter campaign to order “DEFROSTED #1” in your preferred format.

Kickstarter Link: https://kck.st/3KpNK8J

For Media Inquiries, Contact:

Paul Rashid

[email protected]


About Paul Rashid MD

Paul Rashid MD, psychiatrist and lifelong fan of television, movies comic books and empowering individuals to thrive. With a unique sense of humor and a passion for creative expression, Dr. Paul brings DEFROSTED to audiences looking for a dose of healthy laughter and nostalgia.

Paul Rashid
P2 Productions LLC
+1 304-610-9055
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DEFROSTED Serenity Ahora! Animated Motion Short Film Trailer

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