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Nancy Ho Reaches Amazon Best-Seller Status with “Success Redefined,” Co-Authored with Jack Canfield

Best Selling Author – Nancy Ho

SINGAPORE, February 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Nancy Ho, in collaboration with the renowned author Jack Canfield and a distinguished group of professionals worldwide, has co-authored the highly anticipated book, Success Redefined, published by CelebrityPress®. This transformative book made its much-awaited debut on February 1st, 2024.

Upon its release, Success Redefined surged on the Amazon best-sellers charts, attaining remarkable positions and securing the coveted #1 New Release spot in two distinct categories! Furthermore, it has achieved impressive rankings, hitting best-seller status in Direct Marketing, Sales and Selling, as well as in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, and the Marketing and Sales categories. These exceptional accomplishments emphasize the quality and value of Success Redefined, highlighting its impact and resonance with readers.

Nancy’s chapter, titled “The Paradox of Success: Hidden Struggles of High Performing Professionals,” played an essential role in the book’s remarkable success.

Meet Nancy Ho:

Nancy Ho is an internationally recognized Executive Coach with over 26 years of experience in guiding high-performing professionals (HPPs) toward achieving both professional success and personal satisfaction.

Her impact extends beyond borders, with features in publications like Expat Living, Ezhealth, Mothership, and Conscious Living. Nancy’s book, Love Reignited, showcases her unique talent for conflict resolution and relationship strengthening.

Nancy’s personal journey, marked by triumph over adversity, positions her as a source of hope for those facing similar challenges. Her philosophy emphasizes fulfillment derived from life choices and desires, transcending mere wealth or status.

Specializing in HPPs, Nancy addresses issues such as work-life balance, mindset growth, stress reduction, and trauma resolution. Her mission is dedicated to guiding high achievers toward fulfillment, success, and equanimity through clarity, purpose definition, and vision crafting.

Nancy’s expertise includes tackling Imposter Syndrome, pandemic-induced fatigue, and psychosomatic illnesses, resulting in enhanced personal performance and inner well-being.

Her transformative coaching is available to CEOs, entrepreneurs, and top sales professionals looking to cultivate an action-oriented mindset and design lives of confidence, positivity, and assurance.

To learn more about or contact Nancy, visit:
[email protected]

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Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/686993727/nancy-ho-reaches-amazon-best-seller-status-with-success-redefined-co-authored-with-jack-canfield

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