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Improv Expert Candy Campbell Shows How To Connect and Think Creatively

Improv Expert Candy Campbell Shows How To Connect and Think Creatively

Dr. Candy Campbell

National Speakers Association – DC Chapter – March 2 Event – Features Applied Improv and Story Competition

…there is a difference in the way performers learn improvisation, always looking for the funny in any situation, and the way groups or teams who aren’t getting along well need to learn it.”

— Dr. Candy Campbell

BETHESDA, MD, USA, February 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Celebrated award-winning actor, author, filmmaker, and nurse, Dr. Candy Campbell is set to inspire the landscape of professional speaking and authorship with an interactive keynote that leverages the power of applied improvisation from the arts, at the National Speakers Association DC chapter event on Saturday, March 2. Attendees of the event will learn “to connect and think more creatively, ” she stated.

“This is particularly important for speakers and authors who are consistently working to develop new and innovative ways to deliver content that can inspire solutions to everyday problems. If you can’t come up with a new twist on an old problem, you’ll be trying to solve the problem the same way and expecting different results. We know what that means; you’ll be stuck with the problem forever. The experiential nature of the applied improvisational method from the arts is a solution with research to back it up,” Campbell asserts.

Dr. Campbell’s diverse background uniquely positions her to bridge the worlds of writing and performance through applied improvisation. The keynote is designed to provide speakers and authors with practical insights into using creative thinking to captivate audiences, enhance communication, and infuse a fresh perspective into their craft.

After Campbell co-founded an improv and stand-up comedy company in the San Francisco area in the 90’s, she began teaching an applied version of the method to Silicon Valley businesses in 1995. “I realized there is a difference in the way performers learn improvisation, always looking for the funny in any situation, and the way groups or teams who aren’t getting along well need to learn it. ” In the second instance, she realized, ” I needed to spend much more time in both the introductory phase, to discharge the normal anxiety that people bring to this work, and the post-exercise debriefing process.”

Later, she completed her doctoral work with an interprofessional group of clinicians at Stanford’s Children’s Hospital by facilitating an applied improv workshop with longitudinal test-of-change results over a decade ago. “But this method is certainly not just for healthcare,” says Campbell. “My first applied improvisation groups were with Silicon Valley start-ups.” Both her last two business books, Improv to Improve Healthcare and Improv to Improve Your Leadership Team, emerged out of this work.

“To simplify the method, I’ve outlined 12 principles of applied improv that point to basic elements in the experiential learning environment. The first two are key for all business leaders, especially entrepreneurs, since the whole point of being inclusive is about relationships:

• Accept all offers (i.e., have an open mind about suggestions and reply “Yes, and…” before you say “No, but…”)

• Risk being imperfect (for leaders, this is so difficult!)”

As both a storyteller and a healthcare professional, Dr. Candy Campbell has seamlessly integrated her dual expertise to craft a keynote that transcends traditional professional development. Attendees can anticipate an interactive session that not only entertains but also equips them with tangible skills to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of professional speaking and authorship.

“We are excited to host our own Dr. Candy Campbell and offer speakers and authors a unique opportunity to explore the intersection of creativity and effective communication, ” said Irvine Nugent, past DC Chapter President, who will emcee the event. “Her interactive keynote promises to be a catalyst for innovation, providing valuable insights that can elevate the impact of their words and stories, which we will highlight directly after, in a story competition. “

This interactive keynote is expected to draw professionals from the speaking and authorship communities, creating a forum for cross-disciplinary collaboration and idea exchange. Dr. Candy Campbell’s engaging style and proven expertise in applied improvisation make this event essential for anyone seeking to enhance their skills and resonate more profoundly with their audience.

The meeting is open to all. For more information and to register, please go to, https://nsadc.org/meetinginfo.php

For media inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Candy Campbell

[email protected]


About Dr. Candy Campbell:

Dr. Candy Campbell is a distinguished actor, author, playwright, filmmaker, and nurse, known for her outstanding contributions to both the arts and healthcare. With a passion for applied improvisation, Dr. Campbell brings a unique perspective to the intersection of creativity, storytelling, and professional speaking, inspiring speakers and authors to think innovatively and connect authentically with their audiences.

For videos and testimonials, see https://CandyCampbell.com

This event will be held IN-PERSON on Saturday, March 2, 2024 from 9am until 12 Noon at:

The Writer’s Center

4508 Walsh St

Bethesda MD 20815

Candace A Campbell
National Speakers Association DC Chapter
+1 202-519-1311
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:02 / 7:08 Candy Campbell, DEI and employee retention speaker in DC area- Improv to Improve series

Originally published at https://www.einpresswire.com/article/690705958/improv-expert-candy-campbell-shows-how-to-connect-and-think-creatively

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