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Former Inmate 15G071 Releases Gripping Memoir: ‘Bitter or Better’ by Melisa Schonfield

“From Incarceration to Inspiration: A Journey of Redemption and Resilience”

UNITED STATES, February 7, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — Melisa Schonfield, formerly known as Inmate 15G071, announces the release of her captivating memoir, “Bitter or Better.” A compelling blend of crime narrative and personal reflection, Schonfield’s book takes readers on a riveting journey through the highs and lows of what appeared to be the ‘perfect family,’ betrayal, incarceration, and the pursuit of inner peace.

In “Bitter or Better,” Melisa Schonfield courageously shares her tumultuous life story, offering readers a raw and unfiltered account of her experiences. From the facade of familial perfection to the devastating betrayal that led to murder-for-hire and imprisonment, Schonfield’s memoir is a gripping tale of resilience, redemption, and the quest for forgiveness. Through excerpts from her daily journal and legal documents from her time behind bars, Schonfield provides a poignant reflection on the consequences of past traumas and the transformative power of communication and self-discovery.

Melisa Schonfield is a former inmate turned author whose personal journey serves as the inspiration behind “Bitter or Better.” Drawing from her own experiences and legal documents from her time in prison, Schonfield offers readers a candid glimpse into her tumultuous past and the path to finding peace. With a passion for storytelling and a commitment to sharing her truth, Schonfield’s memoir promises to resonate with readers seeking inspiration and hope.

“Bitter or Better” is a testament to Schonfield’s unwavering determination to share her story and shed light on the consequences of past traumas, desperation, and a lack of communication. Through her memoir, Schonfield hopes to empower readers to recognize that there are always other options and to find the strength to confront their own challenges.

“Bitter or Better” is now available for purchase on major online retailers, including Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Readers can also find the book at select bookstores nationwide.

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