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“Critical Thinkers” by G. Janice Miller awakens the minds of the readers

“Critical Thinkers” by G. Janice Miller awakens the minds of the readers

Critical Thinkers

G. Janice Miller

Author Reputation Press

Develop a critical mindset and a fertile heart that enable a believer to love God’s Word, submit to God’s Spirit, and answer the call to serve.

Being a Spirit-led critical thinker has less to do with a person’s IQ; but everything to do with an unhindered relationship with God.”

— excerpt from the book

CANTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, September 15, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Hollywood Book Reviews commended “Critical Thinkers,” written by G. Janice Miller and published by Author Reputation Press. The commendation highlights,

“This book is an eye-opener and easy to read and understand. It inspires the exercising of a skill which is deemed a threat to many cultures’ views of political correctness because it encourages people to see things from a different perspective; by thinking through an idea. Explore fascinating acuities into the biases and propensities which make many individuals predictably irrational in this compelling read. I highly recommended this for Christian readers of all age brackets.”

The author, Janice Miller, blends more than 45 years as a student of the Word and human nature with 40 years as a business professional to offer a unique perspective on biblically inspired lessons.

The goal is to be a catalyst in developing a critical mindset and a fertile heart that enable a believer to love God’s Word, submit to God’s Spirit, and answer the call to serve. Janice has published two books to date: While Men Sleep in 2016 and Critical Thinkers in 2018.

Janice and her husband, Roy, have been married since 1975. They live in Gallatin, TN, where they are both actively engaged in ministry.

She talked about what motivated her to write this book in an interview with Benji Cole of CBS Radio. The author hopes that readers will improve their critical thinking skills by reading her book.

People of Distinction is one of the most extensive and wide-ranging radio shows in the United States. Hosted by Benji Cole and Al Cole from CBS Radio, People of Distinction is the right fit for authors who want to increase their exposure to readers. The radio program airs on Apple’s iTunes Radio Network (Professional News/Talk), featuring CBS Radio, Fox News, NPR, and C-Span.

Benji Cole, the host of the program, is a world-class interviewer, video formulator, Los Angeles actor, and filmmaker. He’s shared the acting stage with superstar Tom Hanks. Listen to the full interview at https://youtu.be/QL8_wv2VtJM.

“Critical Thinkers” is a masterpiece that links critical thinking and spirituality. It is a text that ably reveals how conceptualization and brainstorming skills can come in handy for almost any situation.

Christians who may have associated the words “critical thinking” with secular humanist agendas will realize that God’s Word has provided enough foundation for logic, and therefore critical thinking should be embraced to overcome present-day challenges such as the unfavorable effects of postmodernism, relativism, political expediency, and other unbiblical philosophies that have managed to hold back many people over the years.

This work presents that the author strongly believes numerous people have lived in civilizations where they were encouraged to develop assessments and beliefs and could have sufficient basis to comprehend the issues. Pair this with the human propensity to overrate their spectrum of insight, and it results in perpetuating fragmentation, or what she terms shallow thinking. This is a mishap that she believes can be defeated by regularly examining, evaluating, and reconstructing the thought approach.

With well-researched facts from different Bible translations and other momentous Christian aids, Miller sets out on a journey to reveal why critical thinking is paramount to modern-day Christian living.

Purchase “Critical Thinkers” by G. Janice Miller via these links:

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– ARP Website: https://authorreputationpress.com/products/critical-thinkers

– Amazon: https://rb.gy/ywihj

– Barnes & Noble: https://rb.gy/tufj7

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