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Bro. Ken Writes a Tale of Faith and Miracles in “Do You Believe in Angels”

A compelling true story of trusting God and witnessing miracles.

PEMBERTON, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — In the heartwarming book, “Do You Believe in Angels,” Ken Reuer, who goes by the sobriquet Bro. Ken, invites readers on an extraordinary journey filled with faith, miracles, and a profound connection with the Divine. Debuted in 2013 and republished almost ten years later, this inspiring Christian Living book is not a work of fiction but a collection of real-life testimonies that chronicle the incredible events that unfolded in Bro. Ken’s life, starting in 1967.

Bro. Ken, raised as a farm boy in western Canada, was instilled with the belief that the Bible was a source of unwavering truth through his devout Christian mother, despite having no church of any kind in their area. At just 11 years old, while his peers dreamed of becoming doctors, police officers, or mechanics, Bro. Ken turned to God to seek his purpose. He humbly prayed, “I want to be a jack of all trades but be good at whatever I’m doing.” Little did he know that this conversation with the Divine would set the stage for a life filled with remarkable experiences.

At the age of 13, disillusioned with the conventional educational system, Bro. Ken took a bold step and left school to work in the oil patch. Miraculously, God honored his request, endowing him with the ability to excel in every endeavor he pursued. In 1971, Bro. Ken started preaching and has ministered in different denominational churches where the Holy Spirit would open the door for him. He is now 81 years old and has lived with multiple sclerosis for 35 years, still with steadfast faith.

With warmth and sincerity, Bro. Ken serves as a vessel of the Lord’s greatness as he shares his life’s journey, where divine intervention and the presence of angels become an everyday reality. Evident in Bro. Ken’s life, “Do You Believe in Angels” is a testament to the power of unwavering faith and the incredible miracles that unfold when people place trust in the Higher Power.

A five-star review on Amazon states, “The book is a good read for all those people who want to revive their faith in Christianity and want to be one step closer to GOD. The book is well-written and inspiring for all Christianity followers. A must-read!”

Readers of all backgrounds will find inspiration and hope in Bro. Ken’s inspiring story, a reminder that miracles are not only real but can also be a part of life. Magnifying the boundless possibilities of faith, “Do You Believe in Angels” is available on Amazon and other major online bookstore retailers.

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