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Bitcoin, Ether or Cash? Hyperion Decimus Launches Active Strategy Intended to Optimize Investing into Crypto, Leveraging CoinDesk Indices

Proprietary Bitcoin & Ether Trend Indicators are Implemented for an Actively Managed, Alternative Investment Strategy, designed for Institutional Investors

NEW YORK, Dec. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Hyperion Decimus (HD), a digital asset management firm and a sponsor of a multi-strategy crypto hedge fund, and CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a subsidiary of CoinDesk and the leading provider of digital asset indices by AUM since 2014, announced today the launch of the HD CoinDesk TrendMax Strategy. This quantitative trading strategy is built on weighted signals from CoinDesk Indices’ proprietary Bitcoin Trend Indicator (BTI) and Ether Trend Indicator (ETI), which each convey the presence, direction and strength of the trend in the price of bitcoin and ether respectively by using purpose-built, non-discretionary algorithms.

The HD CoinDesk TrendMax Strategy seeks to address the crypto market’s volatility and regulatory challenges that institutional investors have typically faced when conducting due diligence for investing in digital assets. The HD portfolio management team utilizes a quantitative signal that is fundamentally weighted and actively managed through a disciplined process free of human emotion. The systematic approach delivers a liquid alternative investment solution that can seamlessly rotate among bitcoin, ether, or cash according to the BTI and ETI signal indicators. This strategy is a uniquely designed actively managed approach offered through separately managed accounts (SMAs).

“Our collaboration with CoinDesk Indices helps enable our investors to confidently allocate to crypto across all market conditions,” said Chris Sullivan, Co-Founder and Portfolio Manager of HD. “Crafting a transparent and more sustainable long term investment option for digital asset investing is the next step in our shared mission to deliver institutional-grade cryptocurrency strategies.”

“We’re excited to partner with HD as they offer, for the very first time, an actively managed alternative investment strategy supported by our popular and powerful trend indicators,” said Andy Baehr, CFA, Managing Director at CoinDesk Indices. “The HD CoinDesk TrendMax Strategy provides the potential for lower risk, higher return exposure to bitcoin and ether due to price momentum and driven by HD’s implementation alpha.” 

The trend indicators are used as a way to pursue uncorrelated returns. The BTI and ETI each broadcast one of five possible daily values, each corresponding to an indicated direction and strength of trend in the price of bitcoin or ether. The indicator is calculated daily based on historical price information and a non-discretionary methodology. The indicators seek to identify trends in the price of bitcoin or ether by comparing recent prices to older prices over a recent historical period. If recent prices are higher, an uptrend might be indicated; if recent prices are lower, a downtrend may be in place.

For more information please visit Bitcoin Trend Indicator (BTI) and Ether Trend Indicator (ETI).

About Hyperion Decimus:

Hyperion Decimus, LLC (HD) is a diversified, quant-driven digital asset manager with deep experience in both the tradfi and crypto spaces. HD’s fund and separately managed account offerings combine the team’s pedigree in quantitative research, volatility trading, and software development in a multi-strategy approach to managing risk, upside capture, and alpha generation within the emerging digital asset class. In its history, the HD was one of the first managers to run nodes, trade options, design OMS/EMS/PMS software and has traded well over $10 billion in crypto assets cumulatively. HD has also demonstrated successful counterparty risk management that helped it successfully navigate the challenging environment that the industry recently faced.

About CoinDesk Indices:

CoinDesk Indices (CDI), a subsidiary of CoinDesk, has been the leading provider of digital asset indices by AUM since 2014. CDI is driven by research and a desire to educate the marketplace and empower investors. CoinDesk is the most trusted media, events, indices and data company for the global crypto economy.

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CoinDesk Indices:

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The information contained herein reflects the views of HD based on the prevailing conditions as of the date of this press release. This information is subject to change without notice and HD assumes no duty to update such information. The opinions and estimates of HD constitute its judgment and should be regarded as indicative and for illustrative purposes only. Furthermore, we have relied upon and assumed, without independent verification, the accuracy and completeness of certain information available from public sources or which was provided to us by third parties.

The information contained herein is not and should not be considered to be any of the following: investment advice or investment research; a solicitation, offer, or recommendation to sell or buy any specific asset, strategy, product, or program; or legal, tax, or other advice.  The purchase of digital assets, including, but not limited to, bitcoin and ether, is speculative and involves a high degree of risk and should be undertaken only by individuals whose experience allows them to evaluate the risks of such an investment, whose financial resources are sufficient to enable them to bear the economic risks of their purchase for an extended period of time, and who can afford a significant or entire loss of the value of those assets. Before you enter into any transaction you should ensure that you fully understand the potential risks and rewards of that transaction and you should consult with such advisers, as you deem necessary to assist you in making these determinations including but not limited to your accountants, investment advisors, and legal and/or tax experts. Moreover, certain assets, strategies, products, or programs may have legal restrictions on participation, such as the status of an accredited investor, and, more generally, such transactions should not be entered into by certain types of investors.

CoinDesk Indices Disclaimer

The Information is not an offer to buy or sell, nor is it a solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, any investment banking services, securities, futures, options, commodities or other financial instruments or to participate in any investment banking services or trading strategy. CoinDesk Indices, Inc. (“CDI”) does not sponsor, endorse, sell, promote or manage any investment offered by any third party that seeks to provide an investment return based on the performance of any index, indicator or signal. CDI is neither an investment adviser nor a commodity trading adviser and makes no representation regarding the advisability of making an investment linked to any CDI index, indicator or signal. CDI does not act as a fiduciary. A decision to invest in any asset linked to a CDI index, indicator or signal should not be made in reliance on any of the statements set forth in this document or elsewhere by CDI. All content contained or used in any CDI index, indicator or signal (the “Content”) is owned by CDI and/or its third-party data providers and licensors, unless stated otherwise by CDI. CDI does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, timeliness, adequacy, validity or availability of any of the Content. CDI is not responsible for any errors or omissions, regardless of the cause, in the results obtained from the use of any of the Content. CDI does not assume any obligation to update the Content following publication in any form or format. © 2023 CoinDesk Indices, Inc. All rights reserved.

SOURCE CoinDesk Indices

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