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Author Elena V. Amber receives international recognition through the INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®

2024 Distinguished Favorite

Elena V. Amber

Author Elena V. Amber

The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work

The Gift of Sensitivity: The Extraordinary Power of Emotional Engagement in Life and Work

2024 Distinguished Favorite

2024 Distinguished Favorite

“The Gift of Sensitivity:” by Elena V. Amber speaks to the inspirational power of sensitivity in our everyday lives, both professionally and personally.

Sensitivity is your most authentic strength and your superpower for the future.”

— Elena V. Amber

GLEN RIDGE, NJ, UNITED STATES, February 23, 2024 /EINPresswire.com/ — The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD, one of the most prestigious book award programs globally for independent authors, publishers, and illustrators, recognized The Gift of Sensitivity: The extraordinary power of emotional engagement in life and work by Elena V. Amber in the category of Personal Growth as a 2024 Distinguished Favorite.

The competition is judged by experts from different aspects of the book industry, including publishers, writers, editors, book cover designers and professional copywriters. Selected IPA Award Winners and Distinguished Favorites are based on overall excellence.

Sensitivity is a superpower.

This is the era of emotion: EQ training for employees, empathy in leadership, the Experience Economy of consumers. But how do we access the full potential of creativity, originality, innovation, intuition, flexibility, and inclusiveness that emotions can unlock? Through sensitivity.

Sensitivity is the degree to which we sense and perceive the world. For too long we have seen it as a weakness, especially at work: Elena Amber demonstrates that it is the source of our most authentic strength, and our superpower for the future.

Elena Amber brings her years of research in human experience and psychology, focused particularly on emotional engagement, her international business experience and her profound meditation practice to show how connecting to emotions by embracing sensitivity unlocks our most extraordinary and profound faculties. Her personal experience becomes an immersive reflection, seamlessly blending elements of memoir and self-help, offering an enriching journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

In 2024, the Independent Press Award saw participation from authors and publishers across the globe, including those residing in Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Cyprus, Germany, India, Kenya, Japan, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal, Scotland, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, and The Netherlands. 

“The 2024 INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD honorees represent the excellence and diversity of global independent publishing,”  said Gabrielle Olczak, IPA President and Award Sponsor.  “Independent publishing is a formidable agent.  It provides unparalleled content and quality to consumers worldwide and we are proud to highlight this year’s awardees to the world.”

For more information please visit independentpressaward.com; and to see this year’s list of IPA Winners and Distinguished Favorites, please visit the website pages:

2024 WINNERS:  https://www.independentpressaward.com/2024winners

2024 DISTINGUISHED FAVORITES: https://www.independentpressaward.com/2024df—

The Independent Press Award announces every spring and is open to independent authors and publishers.  

The fall book competition, NYC Big Book Award, https://www.nycbigbookaward.com/ allows all authors, publishers, and includes submissions from the big five publishers.

Join us at the BookCAMP event, June 23 – 25, 2024, https://www.independentpressaward.com/ipabookcamp

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