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A’ Design Award & Competition Announces the 2024 Call for Entries for Good Communication Designs

A’ Design Award & Competition Announces the 2024 Call for Entries for Good Communication Designs

Communication Design Award

Celebrating Excellence in Design Innovation and Fostering Global Recognition for Good Communication Design

COMO, ITALY, September 17, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The A’ Design Award & Competition is now welcoming communication design submissions from visionary designers across the globe, encouraging innovation and acknowledging the world’s most efficient and impactful designs. The esteemed A’ Design Award & Competition, renowned for championing the spirit of ingenuity and creativity, is inviting entries for the A’ Design Award for Good Communication Design.

Recognizing excellence in design, the A’ Design Award & Competition is dedicated to promoting and acknowledging the finest design works across all creative disciplines and territories. At its core, the A’ Design Award aims to foster global awareness and appreciation for good design practices and principles by spotlighting the most exemplary designs from every corner of the world.

Fostering Good Communication Design

Communication design plays a vital role in shaping how information is conveyed across various mediums. It encapsulates multiple fields, including graphics, sound, branding, and advertising. Excellence in communication design is achieved by efficiently delivering the intended message to the target audience with minimal effort and resources, igniting creative thinking and eliciting a positive emotional response. Entries to the A’ Design Award for Communication Design should embody this ethos, showcasing projects that foster faster, economical, and lossless communication, subsequently advancing society by fostering better understanding and knowledge exchange. By promoting superior design and creativity in communication design, the A’ Design Award & Competition looks forward to pushing the boundaries of science, technology, and creativity, thereby contributing to a better and more innovative society.

Recognizing and Promoting Groundbreaking Designs

The A’ Design Award & Competition is a distinguished platform that showcases the crème de la crème of designs from all nations across various disciplines. It operates with the mission of highlighting groundbreaking and beneficial designs that have the potential to make the world a better place. The award is anchored in fostering a global understanding and awareness for good design practices, encouraging designers, brands, and companies to develop superior products and projects for society’s betterment.

The A’ Design Prize: A Testament to Excellence

The coveted A’ Design Prize is an extensive kit that serves to magnify the global reach of the awarded designs. The highly valuable A’ Design Prize encompasses a rich array of acknowledgements including an excellence in design certificate housed in a metal frame, an invitation to an exclusive gala-night in Italy, inclusion in Design Leaderboards, invitation to Designer.org design community, and opportunities for both online and offline exhibitions of the awarded projects. Additionally, the prize includes a feature in a hardcover yearbook that showcases the best projects of the year, and a special 3D printed metal award trophy housed in a luxury black box. In a bid to truly reach international audiences, the projects will be translated into 108+ languages. The winners also have the privilege of an exclusive interview, press release preparation and distribution, and the license to use the “A’ Design Award Winner Logo” in their communications. Moreover, the award facilitates media appearances through press partnerships and includes winners in the World Design Rankings, all without additional fees.

Participate in the A’ Design Award & Competition

Designers from all corners of the world are encouraged to submit their best works, projects, and products, designed within the last 10 years, for a chance to gain global recognition and contribute towards a brighter future shaped by innovation and creativity. The deadline for submissions is September 30, 2023, with results to be announced on April 15, 2024. Entries demonstrating exemplary communication design will be eligible for the A’ Design Award for Good Communication Design. This award is reserved for projects that convey the intended message to the audience in an efficient, economical, and precise manner, creating a positive emotional response and encouraging creative thinking.

Join us in this noble venture of celebrating and fostering excellence and innovation in design. Be a part of a global movement that seeks to make the world a more advanced, efficient, and better place through groundbreaking designs that make positive impact.

For more details and to participate, visit: A’ Communication Design Award Presentation at https://communicationdesignawards.com

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