Top African Technology Startups to Watch in 2010

African has not been able to compete with the rest of the world in Technology startups.But all is not lost.The few once that serve the African market do not do so well as expected because the target market dont use the internet so much as the Americans, Asians or Europeans. Small percentage of Africans use the internet compared to the rest of the world.Countries like South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Nigeria and Ghana are trying to catch up with the rest of the world.Sometimes its difficult to put a finger the possible causes of few startups in the region.Internet usage is one but its not a hindrance.I have had my fair share of the problems especially registering a simple domain name.Credit cards have not caught up with African so well as it is in US and Europe.

These top startups from Africa are doing well and are still exploring opportunities to serve Africans and the rest of the world in a positive way.I am sure they will have their own versions of how difficult it is doing business online from Africa.The continent has been painted black on the internet because of some section of African fraudulent activities. I am very impressed with the new Iphone Game from Africa(iwarrior).. The company Leti Games is based in Accra, Ghana.I believe this company is a shining example of what is yet to come from Africa.

Africa may not be doing so well on the internet but when it comes Mobile phone usage, i trust that the best of mobile applications is yet to come.The penetration of mobile phones in Africa is enormous and its high time we took advantage of it.

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