The Rise And Fall of Startup Ideas And Companies

Most Entrepreneurs have gone through this phase of building a company

  1. You conceives an idea, get excited about it or
  2. Identify a problem and believe it can be developed into a company.
    If your idea is organic, read this

  3. You write it in your journal or idea bank , tell a friend about it,
  4. You receive either a negative or positive feedback
  5. You either drop the idea or get a little motivated to further expand it
  6. Makes a research about the viability of the idea
  7. You begin to add flesh to bones in writing
  8. If your research proved otherwise you drop it here and pick another idea or
  9. You found out that its really a problem and a solution can be carved out of it
  10. You write your Elevator Pitch and being to tell others, possibly somebody who can connect you to an investor
  11. If you intend to do an elevator pitch read this
  12. You can make it happen yourself so you bootstrap and pitch it after a year or two at techCrunch 70 or
  13. You put together an executive summary and possibly a full 30 page business plan or
  14. If you are a geek or a nerd you avoid the business plan and put together a prototype or demo and apply to Y Combinator
  15. If you cannot build it yourself, your leverage is a well documented plan and a paper prototype
  16. You begin to search for Angel investors through your network on twitter, LinkedIn or facebook
  17. To increase your chances of getting funded you apply to Techstars, F8, startup weekend or Startup Demo
  18. As of now you are still alone, either you will rise alone or fall alone.
  19. If you made a good pitch to your network of friends , you have one or two follow you as co -founders
  20. You go through the selection process at Techcrunch 70, Y combinator, Techstars, Startup Weekend
  21. You pitch your idea to a section of angel investors and venture capitalists
  22. Fortunately the judges were merciful
  23. You have qualified for funds
  24. If you have been lucky to this extent, you must listen to this from venture hacks
  25. Angel investors send their scouts after you if you are lucky
  26. Fortunately you now have the luxury of choice.

    As of now you may still b in the idea phase of your startup, let me take a coffee break and get back to you in my next post cheers.

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