Taken Social Networking To The Next Level

Julius Caesar was ambitious. Its as simple as that. Can we say same for facebook. Facebook unveiled its ambition at the just ended f8 conference. A lot of application were also launched. Among them were the famous ” Like” button and the new Docs facebook app. Microsoft intends to be a part of the ambitious project. But wait the ambitious pronouncement is still to be discussed.

Now lets delve into how Facebook Plans to Dominate the Web.
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Robert Scoble thinks Facebook is ambitious for the following reasons

Facebook has grown consistently over the years. You cannot talk about social life on the web without mentioning Facebook.But will the company be able to achieve all that it plans to do in the coming years. Will it truly transform the web. There are a few concerns though. The company cannot do this alone. Will other companies open up and work with facebook to make this a reality.

Check out the post by Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday, April 21 on Building the Social Web Together

He says that ” This next version of Facebook Platform puts people at the center of the web. It lets you shape your experiences online and make them more social ” .

Read more on the facebook blog

We look forward to that.

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