Six Startups To Pitch At Open Angel Forum

The Boston edition of Jason Calacanis’ Open Angel Forum is taking place on June 18th. Calacanis established the Open Angel Forum (OAF) to provide entrepreneurs and startups with free and open access to angel investors. OAF has held sessions in LA, New York, Silicon Valley and Boulder.

The following startups are scheduled to present their ideas or products to investors.

Textaurant’s web-based waiting list management technology allows restaurant patrons to get stuff done nearby while they wait for a table. Textaurant will alert people on a restaurant’s wait list via a text message when a table is ready.

Keenkong, helps manage the social media overload for marketers. Keenkong semantically segments the conversations taking place on Facebook and Twitter by topic (what), by intentions (why), by network size and more.

Zazuba is an appointment booking service that allows consumers to view appointment availability at local businesses in realtime.

Venalytica develops an SaaS product, Consumer Preference Analytics, that gives retailers greater insight into the way consumers find and purchase products online and in stores. The product allows consumers to indicate the strength of their preferences for product or service features resulting in a ranked list of choices on a retail or consumer research website.

Tasted Menu provides a centralized, structured destination addressing two of the most pressing questions regularly faced by diners: “What’s good to eat here?” and

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