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More than 1,000 Florida adolescents will learn about emotional intelligence thanks to the partnership between the Ismael Cala Foundation and the Acevedo Foundation

More than 1,000 Florida adolescents will learn about emotional intelligence thanks to the partnership between the Ismael Cala Foundation and the Acevedo Foundation

In order to multiply their impact and reach more vulnerable young people and adolescents in the United States (starting with Florida), both organizations are joining forces for the common good.

MIAMI, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Ismael Cala Foundation and the Acevedo Foundation announced a strategic alliance that will allow them to multiply their impact and reach more than a thousand vulnerable young people and adolescents, initially in the state of Florida. This alliance will benefit a total of 5 education centers by training 30 facilitators in leadership and emotional intelligence.  

Convinced of the need to work together for the common good and the ultimate goal, both organizations will combine their efforts and intentions for a world that is better prepared in terms of educational issues, with a focus on leadership and emotional intelligence.  

The model for training young people with emotional intelligence tools adopted by this alliance is based on the training of educators.  The first implementation phase of the program will focus on training 30 educators by the end of this year, who will be responsible for taking the program to the five education centers in Florida, each of which has 200 students.

As the first fundraising activity, both organizations are preparing for the Legacy of Light Gala, which is to be held in the city of Miami on September 7 and will be attended by Puerto Rican singer Olga Tañón.

In the words of Jenisbel Acevedo, President of the Acevedo Foundation, “it is important for us to give back a little of what we have received. So many people have trusted us with their health and helped us grow as a company – La Colonia Medical Center! This has helped us become the medical institution we are today. If, with the resources generated by that business (which has given us so much happiness and satisfaction), I can give a little joy to people in need, how could I not?”

For his part, communicator and life strategist Ismael Cala said: “This is a powerful alliance. We are more than blessed here; to leave a mark, a legacy, combining our wills, because together we are more. Thanks to this union of wills, we will do good for many, many children, young people, mothers, fathers, in short, for vulnerable people through the realization of this shared dream.”

So far, the Ismael Cala Foundation has trained 161 educators and benefited more than 3,000 children in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Colombia, the United States and Venezuela.

About the Ismael Cala Foundation:
The Ismael Cala Foundation seeks to collectively impact the social development of young Hispanics in the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean through leadership, emotional intelligence, and assertive communication programs. Its mission is to achieve the development of infinite human potential through leadership, emotional intelligence and emotion management tools, contextualizing the individual and collective realities of our beneficiaries, and positively transforming their outlook while impacting their present and future, as well as those of their communities.

About the Acevedo Foundation: 
The Acevedo Foundation is dedicated to sowing seeds of hope and positive change, based on the belief that it has the transformative power of love and mutual help. Born from experience and the family business, La Colonia Medical Center, its mission is to offer support, hope and opportunities to those who need it most, especially children and young people, with the aim of building a future with a more just and compassionate society. Inspired by a deep desire to extend a helping hand, they seek to impact lives directly, fostering compassion and creating a better world, remembering that every action has the power to forge a better future for all.

SOURCE Cala Enterprises Corporation

Originally published at https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/more-than-1-000-florida-adolescents-will-learn-about-emotional-intelligence-thanks-to-the-partnership-between-the-ismael-cala-foundation-and-the-acevedo-foundation-302178349.html
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