Google To Take On Facebook With “Google Me” Or Just A Rumor

Google has been thinking about starting a new social network. According to a tweet from Digg founder Kevin Rose, Google is preparing to launch a rival social networking service called “Google Me.” As stated in his tweet:

Ok, umm, huge rumor: Google to launch facebook competitor very soon “Google Me”, very credible source

Bianca of Huffingtonpost believes that Google may be bringing the fight to Facebook. The social network industry is already packed with brilliant ideas and services. Of course facebook is the most famous social network. But is Google ready to take them on with Google Me. As of now it’s still a rumor. But Google is capable of releasing such a product to the market. The big question is where is Google taken such a product and to what extent can they compete with facebook. Google released Google Voice to the public not long ago. Google has a lot of services that are social in themselves. But nothing prevents them from releasing a new social app. Facebook released its future plans at its recent F8 conference and it was interesting to know what can be done with social data.

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