All You Need To Know About Google TV

Google’s announcement of the famous Google TV will make a lot of impact in the way you will interact with your TV.This is TV and the web right on your screens in the living room. Google is partnering with Intel and Sony to make this possible.
The Google TV has the following to offer users, TV lover and Internet surfers alike.

  1. Its a web content platform for your living room
  2. It will be available as a set-top box or as part of a Web-capable television
  3. It will be based on Google’s mobile operating system
  4. It is based on Android, and would include a version of the Chrome browser
  5. It will support third party applications from developers
  6. Google will provide an application development toolkit for Google TV for developers who would have develop apps for the TV
  7. The TVs and other devices, including a remote controller device with a full keyboard, are expected to go on sale in the autumn in the US and will roll out overseas next year.
  8. Ability to search the web and TV channels at the same time, access social networks such as Facebook and watch movies and TV shows on sites such as YouTube.
  9. Consumers who have already bought expensive HDTV sets will be able to plug into the new technology by buying a set-top box made by Logitech or a Blu-ray player from Sony. Both devices will contain the same software and microprocessor as the new TV sets.
  10. According to Timesonline

Watch the official announcement here .

Read about the full story on google’s official site

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